Rules & Regulations!

We are advertising various brands and other as well as our own company
-> After watching tutorials and reading all about our work, You will submit the security fee of the package in which you are interested according to payments that are mentioned on our site. After submission fee, you will have to inform us about fee submission by call or whatsapp on same numbers of us then, you will receive a registration number by Msg and you have to remember this Reg No always. After that, to the next day of fee submission you will receive data about working through whatsapp.
-> in Habitads, everything is authentic and no chance of any scam or fraud. So, please avoid from fraud or scam –
-> The FEE which is require for start is the security charges and it is required for every employee. It can not deduct from your pay. Moreover,to start this job you must pay security  fee onetime and your packages will  be activated life time.
-> In Facebook working, if admin delete your group post then this is not your responsibility, this deleted post will count. You just have to post pictures and save the links.
-> As you know, our packages are on weekly basis. If someone will not complete his/her work in limited time then, we will give the flexibility of 30 Hours for completing the task. Furthermore, we provide more flexibility to our new employees that we can give 4 to 7 days more for completing first project because alot of workers take time to understand work or face some troubles on start but this facility is just for new workers.
->How can we check your work of facebook ? For Facebook work, we will have your links file You have to create accounts for FB working.
-> If you are working on a package and you want to change your Package If there is any fee other of that package You have to pay more This way your package will change
-> , you will have no time bundles or specific hours or place for working. You can do easily anywhere and anytime.
-> Data will be sent for working only one time on weekly basis with all kind of guidelines.
-> If anyone want to rest or stay during work then must inform us for stay. But this time of stay will be just a 15 to 20 days, if someone cross the limit of stay He will have to recreate the file again. You must submit a file during 15 or 20 days 
-> The payment methods that we are using for submitting the fees or paying the salaries are JAZZCASH & EASYPAISA.
-> The process of submitting fee or receiving salary is only by online payment methods not by hand. Furthermore, you can set a meeting with us for your satisfication. We have a Meeting center in Milad-e-Mustufah Chwok Street No#1 Shahkot
-> The project of employee will be rejected in case of not following the guidelines and regulations of work.


→ Your have to write your Employee ID and date on the top of your MS word File.
→ Use Counting method to paste your links
→ 1 Post in 1 Group , in a weekly project
→ You should post in PAKISTANI groups.
→ Divide your LINKS in 2 parts, e.g if you have to post 450 posts then make 2 files, each of 225 links.
→ Each Group Should have minimum 1000 Members.